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Welcome To The Traditonal Barber Company

With over 5000 years of history, barbers are still as important now as they were in the Bronze Age. In ancient Egypt barbers were highly respected as one of the most important members of any tribe as it was thought that evil spirits could enter the body through the hair, and the only way to rid of them was to cut the hair - now, Kris Flowers doesn't know if he has actually warded off any evil spirits lately, but he has rectified some fairly bad hair days in his time!

It was this age old tradition of barbering that Kris wanted to capture when establishing The Traditional Barber Company, creating a sanctuary for men that was as much about social interaction and camaraderie as male grooming. By Renovating an 18th century butchers shop, Kris has created a traditional yet contemporary place where all age ranges and styles are catered for and we make time to listen to specific requirements.

A team of highly qualified barbers provide a modern approach to the traditional skill of gentlemen's hairdressing. Conventional wet shaving with an opened razor and hot towels is a well-liked service at The Traditional Barber Company, alongside more contemporary patterns and restyles.
All are welcome at The Traditional Barber Company!


Opening Hours

Monday To Friday 9am - 6pm, Saturday 8.30am - 4pm